Last week Village Enterprise made its first appearance on public radio!

Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, is a live, one-hour global affairs program, hosted by Jean Feraca. Debbie Hall, Board Chair of Village Enterprise, and I spoke with Jean about the problems of extreme poverty and Village Enterprise’s successful model for breaking the cycle of poverty and mitigating conflict. Opening with clips from our compelling Peace Video, Jean focused on our peace and business efforts that were a response to the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008. She was intrigued by our innovative model of combining peace and reconciliation training with our business training to not only alleviate poverty but to promote peace and reconciliation between warring tribes. Asking provocative questions is what makes Jean’s program so interesting and relevant. I hope that you will take a moment to listen to “Pigs for Profits,” Wisconsin Public Radio’s coverage of Village Enterprise.

Click to listen to the full show: Village Enterprise on Here on Earth

In addition to appearing on Here on Earth in Wisconsin, I was also interviewed last week on The Bill Newman Show in Northampton, Massachusetts. I had a thoughtful discussion with Bill about Village Enterprise’s effort to eradicate extreme poverty in East Africa.

Click to listen to the full show: Village Enterprise on The Bill Newman Show
(Interview starts at minute 19)

Radio is an ideal format for raising awareness about the global problem of extreme poverty.

At Village Enterprise, we are looking for new channels like public radio shows to raise awareness about the important work that we are doing to lift people out of extreme poverty. I welcome any opportunity to speak with the media about the work that we are doing.






Dianne Calvi