I am running a race this holiday season, and I invite you to join me.

It’s a bit unconventional – it is not a 10K, or a political race, or even the usual-holiday-rat-race! It is a race to raise the funds to lift up 500 people out of extreme poverty.

You may know that I’ve been deeply involved in the issue of poverty alleviation for over a decade. Currently, I am the Board Chair of Village Enterprise, which equips people living in extreme poverty with the resources to start sustainable businesses – and generate incomes and savings that forever change their families’ lives. Their track record is significant: they have started over 23,000 businesses and trained more than 115,000 entrepreneurs.

My goal is to raise $10,000 by December 31st, which will help lift 500 people out of extreme poverty. The holiday season is a time that we reach out to help others with our charitable donations. I invite you to look at the video I’ve made in the link above and consider how big an impact that a modest gift will have.

Here are some examples of what your support can do:
• $50 supports business training session
• $150 funds the seed capital for a business
• $250 finances the training, mentoring, and seed capital for one Village Enterprise business with 3 new entrepreneurs

I know we each have our favorite causes, and our mailboxes are full at this time of year with many opportunities to give. Thank you for considering Village Enterprise as a candidate for your year-end giving.

Wishing you a JOYOUS Holiday Season,

Debbie Hall