Providing Tools for a Life-changing Opportunity

Before enrolling in Village Enterprise’s program, Charles Angusioma struggled to feed his family. With no land, no livestock, and wages of less than
$1 per day, Charles couldn’t adequately support his children, and felt hopelessly locked into his situation.

The five members of the Maraba Carpentry Group had the skills—but lacked the tools—to practice their trade.
What a difference a year—and a business opportunity—makes! Today they operate out of a permanent business location and are adding to their
tool set.

Charles now feeds his family three meals per day, and they eat meat once per week. They even have the luxury of sugar in their tea! His children
wear shoes, and each attends school. All members of the Maraba Carpentry Group have benefited in similar ways.

The profits from the business recently allowed Charles to pay for treatment of an infection in his leg. In the past, he couldn’t have afforded the medicine,
and this minor problem could well have developed into something much more serious.

Concludes Charles: “Thank God for Village Enterprise and what you have done for us. Before the program, we struggled even to get a meal. You have
given us the chance to build a business. Our lives are much improved . . . we can buy food and shoes for our children. We are very proud of our
business. God has blessed us!”

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Women Entrepreneurs

Two-thirds of Village Enterprise business owners are women.

Successful Entrepreneurs

75% of Village Enterprise businesses are still in operation after 4 years.

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