Livestock – Pigs

Livestock – Pigs

Pigs, Profits, and Promoting Conservation

Florence Cabsindi participates in Village Enterprise’s Budongo Forest Project in Western Uganda, a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute in which entrepreneurs receive business and conservation training with the goal of providing sustainable livelihoods and raising environmental awareness.

Florence began her Village Enterprise animal rearing business, the Abesigangana Piggery, with the purchase of 2 pigs, 5 goats, and 20 chickens. Today, Florence’s business has expanded to include 4 pigs, 13 goats, 44 chickens, and 60 chicks, and will continue to multiply. Training from Village Enterprise taught her how to keep the animals healthy through vaccinations and sustainable animal husbandry techniques.

Before she joined the Village Enterprise program, Florence earned about $100 per season cultivating maize and beans. Now, Florence earns as much as $500 per season through the sale of livestock, in addition to her farming. Florence’s livestock business helps support her farm; the profit allows her to purchase farm tools and seeds. At the end of the season, Florence uses the profits from her harvest to purchase more animals.

Florence and other Village Enterprise entrepreneurs formed a savings group where Florence serves as the conservation adviser. In this role, she oversees meetings on environmental issues and shares conservation best practices. “I see the Village Enterprise funding and business creation as an alternative to relying on the forest,” Florence explains. “Now, we no longer capture and sell wild animals, but instead raise domestic animals.”

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Women Entrepreneurs

Two-thirds of Village Enterprise business owners are women.

Successful Entrepreneurs

75% of Village Enterprise businesses are still in operation after 4 years.

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