Impact Studies

Impact Studies

What we do works.

Each business created by Village Enterprise costs $500 and improves the standard of living of 20 people for years to come. Since 1987, Village Enterprise has developed a cost-effective, innovative, and high-impact solution: 75% of our businesses are still in operations after 4 years.

Outcomes include better nutrition, improved health, increased education for children, higher-quality housing, individual empowerment, and a sense of hope now and in the future.

Longitudinal Impact Assessment

A quantitative and qualitative survey was fielded to evaluate the standard of living of Village Enterprise business owners 2-5 years after joining the program and to uncover ways we can improve our programs to better meet needs.

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2010: Business Longevity

An independent Business Longevity Study unveiled that 75% of our businesses are still operational 4 years after receiving Village Enterprise services, and identified contributing factors to business success and/or failures.

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Randomized Control Trial (RCT)

In October 2013, we launched a 3-year randomized control trial to evaluate our program. Thanks to a generous multi-year grant of over $1 million, this independent evaluation will measure the impact of our program and its unique components on the lives of our business owners and their families, and guide our expansion process and program developments. Moreover, it will contribute to the ongoing policy debate on the creation of sustainable mechanisms for poverty alleviation.

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*Standard of living denotes a comprehensive measure of a person’s ability to purchase daily food as well as durable and semi-durable goods such as housing materials, medicine, and school supplies. It is the industry-standard Total Daily per Capita Consumption measured through Consumption and Expenditure Survey. See performance dashboard.

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