Performance Dashboard

Transforming lives and measuring progress.

Indicator Since 1987 2013**
Number of Businesses Started (3 business owners) >30,000 2,100
Number of Training Sessions N/A 2,940
Number of Business Owners Trained >128,000 6,300
Number of Lives Impacted >660,000 42,000
% of Businesses in Operation after 4 Years 75% 75%
Average Savings Amount in Business Savings Group after one Year N/A >$850
Increase in Standard of Living* N/A 75%
   Increase in Daily Food Consumption N/A 67%
   Increase In Household Goods Consumption such as    Soap, Clothes, and Medicines N/A 127%
   Increase in Large Yearly Expenditures Consumption    such as Furniture, Plates, and Secondary School Fees N/A 73%
Average Daily Consumption after Village Enterprise One-year Program N/A $2.07

*Standard of living denotes a comprehensive measure of a person’s ability to purchase daily food as well as durable and semi-durable goods such as housing materials, medicine, and school supplies. It is the industry-standard Total Daily per Capita Consumption measured through Consumption and Expenditure Survey.
**Data from Internal Program Performance Measurement Report; November 2011 to November 2012

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