Performance Dashboard

Transforming lives and measuring progress.

Indicator Since 1987 2014*
Number of Businesses Started (3 business owners) >30,000 2,129
Number of Training Sessions N/A 2,980
Number of Small Business Owners Trained >128,000 6,387
Number of Lives Impacted >660,000 44,000
Number of Villages Impacted N/A 128
% of Businesses in Operation after 4 Years 75% 75%
% of Participants Living Below the Poverty Line When Entering the Program** N/A >95%
Change in Standard of Living*** N/A +35%
Change in Food Consumption and Security**** N/A +178%
Average Savings Amount in Business Savings Group after One Year N/A >$450
% of Women Participating in Our Program N/A 81%
*Data from Internal Program Performance Measurement Report: Average of 3 Performance Reports from FY14 Cycles
**Measured with the Grameen’s Progress-out-of-Poverty Index (PPI), an industry standard poverty assessment tool
***Measured with change in PPI from baseline to endline
****The World Food Program developed the Food Consumption Score (FCS) to be used to assess nutrition at the household level in a less complex manner, more suited to complex development settings. The FCS is a composite score that is based on dietary diversity, food frequency and relative nutritional importance of different food groups.  This methodology is standardized, efficient, suited for complex settings, simple to use, and allows for comparability of nutrition and food security across regions and countries.
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