Joining the goals of poverty alleviation and conservation.

Village Enterprise continues to expand our highly successful integrated poverty alleviation and conservation program. In partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, the National Forest Authority and other conservation partners, Village Enterprise initiated this program in 2007 around the Budongo Forest, a biodiversity hotspot and one of Western Uganda’s critical chimpanzee habitats. In 2012, we replicated this successful program in the Kisere Rainforest near the Kakamega forest, the last rainforest in Kenya and the last habitat in Kenya for the endangered De Brazza’s monkey, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service.

By supplementing business training with important conservation training, we are educating people on the value of the forest and giving them the economic means to make a living without exploiting forest resources. In this way we are tackling poverty while reducing numerous negative human impacts on protected animals and forests.

Due to the success of this program, we have added a conservation training curriculum to all our areas of operations.

Our Entrepreneurs

“Thanks to my Business Mentor I now understand how my business affects my environment. I have planted 15 trees on my property.”

“These trees represent my children’s future. My business will grow with these trees.”

– John Wanyema,Entrepreneur in Budongo

Program Highlights

  • Over 1,150 “conservation-friendly” businesses started around biodiversity hotspots
  • Ground-breaking program recognized by leading funders




Conservation Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of forestry conservation
  • Reduction in the numbers of the respondents using practices that are harmful to the environment
  • Significant contribution to the social and economic wellbeing of the ultra-poor living around the forest

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