Mission, Vision, and Values

Creating Sustainable Businesses. Transforming Lives.


To end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation


A world free of extreme poverty, where people have the economic means to sustain their families



We serve people living in extreme poverty with respect, empathy and dignity regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or education level, and value our common humanity.


We believe passionately in our mission and the ability of people living in extreme poverty to improve their lives.


We operate with the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness.


We are committed to assessing and evaluating our programs to ensure that they reduce poverty and create sustainable businesses.


We respect the ideas and opinions of others and insist upon transparency in both our internal and external communication.


We value innovation as a means to reduce poverty and treat new ideas, new technologies and new partners as opportunities to grow our impact.


We are committed to ensuring that our businesses and our organization are sustainable in the long-term.

Theory of Change

“A theory of change is an expression of the sequence of cause-and-effect actions or occurrences by which organizational and financial resources are assumed to be converted into the desired social results. It provides a conceptual road map for how an organization expects to achieve its intended impact and is often displayed in a diagram. A framework built around concepts of activities, inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts is called a logic model.”

– The Bridgespan Group
Collaborating to Accelerate Social Impact


Village Enterprise Theory of Change


The extreme poor lack business skills and financial literacy as well as access to capital, financial institutions, and markets. Thus, current opportunities for income generating options are scarce.


Village Enterprise can provide a Graduation program that encompasses business training and mentoring, savings group training and mentoring, financial literacy training and mentoring and a seed capital grant.


If the trainings and grant are provided to the communities, then the businesses will be formed, savings groups will be created, and business owners will have the knowledge to run the businesses.


If business owners run successful businesses and form successful savings groups, then incomes and savings available for households needs will increase.


If household expenditures increase to meet daily needs, then standards of living will increase.

“We all have the chance to create a world where extreme poverty is the exception rather than the rule, and where all children have the same chance to thrive, no matter where they’re born. For those of us who believe in the value of every human life, there isn’t any more inspiring work under way in the world today.”

Bill Gates

Village Enterprise Africa word map