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Working toward our vision of a world free of extreme poverty, our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are integral to this goal

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are made up of industry leaders, innovators, and founders, who are highly respected in their fields.

Board of Directors

Emeka Ajoku

Emeka Ajoku Director of Product at Netflix

Jamie Austin

Jamie Austin Former Senior Director of Impact at Tipping Point Community

Katie Boland

Katie Boland Co-founder of the Delta Fund

Board Chair

Pat Brown

Pat Brown Business Trainer and Management Consultant

Mary Dosunmu

Mary Dosunmu Associate Director, Scientific Review at Sage Therapeutics

Jay Friedrichs

Jay Friedrichs General Partner of the Cyprus Growth Fund

Lisa Guerra

Lisa Guerra Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund Partner

Debbie Hall

Debbie Hall Management Consultant

Serah Kimani

Serah Kimani Founder and Managing Partner of Ascend Group

Michael Mithika

Michael Mithika CEO & Founder of Mizizi Partners

Evelyn Namara

Evelyn Namara Senior Partnerships Manager and Researcher at the Global Digital Inclusion Partnership, Founder and CEO of Vouch

Aleksandra Peters

Aleksandra Peters Chief People Officer at Brightline

Alexis Rwabizambuga

Alexis Rwabizambuga Managing Director at TestandCare Medical Technologies Ltd.

Bruce Sewell

Bruce Sewell Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Apple

Advisory Council

Tralance Addy

Tralance Addy Founder and President, Plebys International; Former Founding Executive Director at SEED

Brian Boland

Brian Boland Co-founder of the Delta Fund

Charlie Bresler

Charlie Bresler Board Member and former Executive Director of The Life You Can Save

Joe Dougherty

Joe Dougherty Partner at Dalberg Advisors

Ermias Eshetu

Ermias Eshetu CEO of Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Ethiopia

Jessica Jackley

Jessica Jackley Founder of Alltruists, General Partner at Untapped Capital, and Co-founder of KIVA

Our Team

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Our Team