Hana Alem
Addis Ababa

Hana Alem

Program Director

Hana is a leader in international development and has made a remarkable impact by blending extensive management experience with a strong passion for community service. Hana has served in various leadership roles in different international NGOs, the FDRE Office of the First Lady, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Hana’s executive management proficiency has been crucial in navigating the complex terrain of international development, where theory meets practice. 

A graduate of Indira Gandhi University with an MA in Social Work and Addis Ababa University with a BA in Management, Hana has demonstrated unwavering commitment to academic excellence and practical application, which are vital in achieving tangible results in her work. She has gained experience through professional development fellowships, training, and mentorship sessions, including her nomination for and participation in the International Visitors Leadership Program in 2022, which is the U.S. Government’s flagship short-term professional exchange program. She is a dedicated volunteer who mentors young women in startup ventures, and serves as a board member at Elshaday International Church supporting single mothers who face unique challenges.


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