Share Your Thanks

What are you thankful for this season?

As Thanksgiving approaches we want to encourage you to think about this question.

On Monday, we launched our Share Your Thanks Campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Each day of the week we are posting a new photo to our page expressing gratitude.

Here is an example:Young African baby

As you reflect on the past year, we hope you will look through our pictures and SHARE the posts that resonate with you.

Did you switch careers this year, and are grateful for your new job and the excitement it brings? Maybe your family went through a challenging time and you are thankful for strong relationships with each member?  Perhaps, the mere fact that you have a roof over your head and know where your next meal is coming from is enough to make you thankful.

Village Enterprise is extremely thankful for our donors who support our programs as well as our business owners and their families in East Africa.  As an organization, we want to know what you, our supporters, are thankful for.

We will continue sharing our thanks on Facebook next week, so you can check for more expressions of gratitude and beautiful images. Please take this as an opportunity to SHARE Your Thanks and remember that Village Enterprise is thankful for you!

Whitney Hooper





Whitney Hooper

Marketing & Development Intern

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