Adaptive Management

Driving Impact with Adaptive Management

To continue to improve the quality of our program delivery and increase our impact, Village Enterprise has invested in a strong adaptive management system in order find better ways to measure the progress of our businesses and business savings groups. By using adaptive management, we can proactively identify issues and find solutions based on robust, data-driven decision-making.


Using the TaroWorks offline mobile field service app and android devices for data collection and the Salesforce CRM and cloud database for data management,

Village Enterprise has developed tools and dashboards for field staff to use to better monitor and help their businesses and business savings groups. The objectives based on the organizational needs at the time were:

  • Improved timeliness: Real-time availability of data
  • Greater reach: Data shared with ALL staff
  • Accessibility: Data shared in format that is accessible to staff

After an extensive, collaborative process, the team created data dashboards that all field staff could access digitally. The dashboards show business and business savings group data, along with an automated calculation of “business health rating”. This allows field staff to monitor their businesses and business savings groups and to proactively adapt their mentoring, creating greater success and impact.

“Taking proactive measures such as Case Management has been possible only due to availability of data Dashboards.”

Dan Ouko, Village Enterprise Senior Livelihoods & Technical Manager

Village Enterprise’s dashboards won the contest for best dashboard at the MERL Tech Conference in Washington DC based on dashboard goal, organization of underlying data, why design was chosen, and impact it had on decision-making.

While technology is important, we recognized it is not sufficient to create a strong culture of performance. Leaders across Village Enterprise invest energy in creating a culture that manages adaptively based on evidence. Insight and reflection have been integrated into a wide variety of meetings across Village Enterprise.

Additional information on our adaptive management system was also featured in the USAID marketlinks blog last month.

Insight and Reflection

Village Enterprise looks for opportunities for insight and reflection on our program and systems. To emphasize this, each time when our team is interacting with each other, staff takes the opportunity to look at data and discuss and reflect upon next steps. This allows the organization to constantly develop and improve itself and its processes.