Past Research

Innovation and continuous learning are core parts of Village Enterprise’s DNA.

In recent years, our innovative approach, coupled with our rigorous monitoring and evaluation, has interested larger institutions and led them to seek collaborations with us. To date, Village Enterprise has participated in several external research studies:

Youth Entrepreneurship Study

Village Enterprise conducted a youth study funded by USAID/FHI 360 that focused on researching the preferences and habits of rural youth.

Saving Study

We participated in a MasterCard Foundation research study of practices and possibilities in savings groups and provided extensive data on the needs and preferences of 139 of our savings group members in Uganda.

Entrepreneurship Gender Gap Study

Village Enterprise participated in the Boston Consulting Group study “Bridging the Entrepreneurship Gender Gap: The Power of Networks”. 


In addition, Village Enterprise also conducts and compiles original research.

Participatory Ranking Tools and Evaluation

This white paper written by AJ Doty, our former Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, examines the effectiveness of participatory tools in assessing poverty levels. The paper explores the use of participatory tools for evaluating community development and progress out of poverty. The study includes data from villages across Kenya and Uganda and includes villages from diverse settings.

“I appreciate that Village Enterprise focuses on the poorest of the poor. Microloans don’t reach this population; micro-grants can. Micro-grants are the first rung on the economic ladder.”

Jessica Jackley, Kiva Co-Founder & Author of Clay Water Brick