Fund a Village

Take an entire village out of extreme poverty!

$33,000 will provide funding for 50 new businesses and training and mentoring for 150 first-time entrepreneurs.

As a Fund-a-Village donor, you will receive personalized communications on the impact of your investment on that specific village.

Village Enterprise will share with you regular updates on the holistic impact that your investment is making through impact data like that shown above, as well as the unique stories of the new business owners you empowered. These inspiring stories show that their new profits and savings are improving their family’s nutrition, housing, medical care, and education, and how, with these improvements, they are empowered and have new sense of confidence in their family’s future.

Be a part of this unique opportunity to change lives today!

“It is exciting to see the ripple effect of change that Village Enterprise can create with just $33,000. Participating in the Fund-A-Village concept changes the lives of not only the business owners and their families, but their neighbors, their community, and their future generations. An entire village lifted out of extreme poverty through entrepreneurship.”

-Yanik Silver, Founder and CEO of, Author of Evolved Enterprise

Sabwani Marinda, funded by LURN Inc.

Sabwani Marinda is a village in rural Kenya that was one of the pilot programs of the Fund a Village program. Training for the entire village was funded by Lurn Inc. and spearheaded by Lurn Inc.’s CEO, Anik Singal.

Sabwani Marinda Business Groups and Entrepreneurs

Created thanks to LURN Inc.

Lokichar Business Group

Rael Sare Tumu, Rebecca Mirriam, Trudea Naliaka

Business type: Livestock – Chickens, pigs, as well as vegetables and used clothing.
Money earned: 70,000 ksh in 18 months

Touyune Business Group

Jane Losuru, Agnes Achilla, Ruth Ewoi

Business type: Kiosk – Beans, vegetables, pumpkins, tomatoes, paraffin.
Money earned: 70,000 ksh in 18 months

Tumaini Business Group

Marylynn Kemunto, Helen Ketena, Rosalin Nalima

Business type: Agriculture – Peas, potatoes, kale, cassava, and cabbage, as well as sheep.
Money earned: 80,000 ksh in 18 months.

Contact Chief Development Officer, Caroline Bernadi for questions and more information.