The Akina Mama Project

The Akina Mama Project connects women entrepreneurs to their counterparts in East Africa, equips them with the resources they need to create sustainable businesses, and empowers them to lift their families from extreme poverty forever.

The Akina Mama project for Village Enterprise connects women entrepreneurs to their counterparts in East Africa and supports our mission of equipping people living in extreme poverty with the resources they need to create sustainable businesses. Founded by local entrepreneurs Jenn Jory and Gina Barron, the Akina Mama project is building a network of women business owners who support women-owned business start-ups in Kenya and Uganda.

The Akina Mama Project is designed so that you can harness your individual social responsibility efforts in a movement that is easy, inspiring and fun!

“Inspiration comes from watching someone else achieve a dream against all odds. On days when I struggle with my business, I think of the women in Kenya and Uganda. Their struggles are daily ones….We invite other local entrepreneurs to join the Akina Mama Project, knowing that women everywhere can empower and support one another by sharing our stories, experiences, and resources.”

Jenn Jory, Co-founder, the Akina Mama Project

How You Can Participate

  • Join the Akina Mama project and help East African women entrepreneurs
  • Spread the word to your customers, your clients and your networks
  • Host a fundraising event or sponsor/participate in an Akina Mama fundraising campaign
  • Become an Akina Mama mentor
  • Receive an “Akina Mama Project Toolkit” with fundraising ideas, social network opportunities and so much more

Benefits to You

  • Collaborate and share resources in a supportive and like-minded network
  • Make your commitment to social responsibility visible to your customers
  • Give your company or enterprise a marketing boost through promotion on the Akina Mama page of Village Enterprise’s website.

To learn how to get involved, please email: