Partnerships for Scale

We can’t end extreme poverty alone

With over 400 million people in Africa living in extreme poverty, we need to rapidly scale up poverty alleviation solutions that work.

Our cost-effective approach has been proven to work in multiple countries and with different populations. With our Village Enterprise Extend technical assistance team’s help, we are now working with governments and nonprofit partners to transform the lives of 20 million Africans by 2030. Extend is the Village Enterprise team that provides technical assistance to support other partners in adopting a modified version of our graduation approach and process. We also bring in field experts, monitor and evaluation team members, program design teams, and other specialists or trained professionals as needed.

Why Partner with Village Enterprise?

We make bold decisions

We achieve a delicate balance between pioneering new ideas and making decisions that are data-driven and evidence-based. We take actions that others shy away from, knowing that these calculated risks are sometimes necessary to reach more people who need our support.

Field expertise

Our programs’ success in the communities we serve is all due to our exemplary front-line field staff. These team members are the ones who lead our technical assistance, bringing their real experiences to problem-solve in new contexts.

Authentic collaboration

We have accomplished over 30 years of deep work supporting the extreme poor in sub-Saharan Africa, and we want to help our partners benefit from that expertise—both from our successes and our lessons learned. Although our program model has proof of impact, we recognize that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ and will require adaptation to new populations and new contexts.  We work together with our partners to co-design new adaptations and solutions, drawing from our evidence and experience.

“Village Enterprise has been a key partner for Mercy Corps as we drive solutions to lift millions of people out of poverty across Africa. Their evidence-backed approach to poverty graduation is applicable across a range of contexts. We think that by working together, we can change the lives of many more people. We see Village Enterprise as a trusted, flexible and innovative partner, and we look forward to scaling our work together in the future.” Allison Huggins, Deputy Regional Director - Africa, Mercy Corps

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