Primates and Poverty Alleviation


See “Chimpanzee” the week it opens, April 20-26. For that one week only, Disneynature will contribute 20 cents per ticket to JGI to protect wild chimpanzees.*

The Earth Day weekend release of Disneynature’s movie Chimpanzee is an occasion to celebrate the work of many conservationists, foundations, and donors involved in supporting chimpanzees, their habitats, and the people who live near them.

In particular, Village Enterprise would like to thank the staff of The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) for their efforts to make our world a more sustainable, healthy place for all animals –  including the human community – and to take this opportunity to congratulate JGI on its 35th anniversary.

chimpanzee mother and child
In late 2007, in partnership with JGI, Village Enterprise created an integrated microenterprise and conservation program for the rural poor who live in communities adjacent to the Budongo Forest Reserve in western Uganda – home to roughly 600-800 chimpanzees.

Village Enterprise’s Budongo Program, a grant recipient of Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, is highlighted in the teacher’s guide to the Chimpanzee film as an example of a program that balances conservation and poverty needs.

baby chimpanzee


To date, Village Enterprise has launched over 800 micro-businesses in 40 villages, trained 4,000 people in business skills and conservation principles (over 50% women), added agricultural/livestock training and a livestock vaccine program, and co-hosted a field day for the first PCLG international conference on Linking Great Ape Conservation-Poverty Alleviation.

As our lead conservation partner, JGI-Uganda staff provides strategic direction, conservation training materials, and illegal activity measurement and evaluation. They and their colleagues in the USA and Tanzania offices have also coached Village Enterprise staff on conservation issues and have provided recommendations to key foundations.


Thank you to JGI and to all of you who support the innovative partnerships of development and conservation. Go see Chimpanzee and celebrate Earth Day!

For more information about See “Chimpanzee,” Save Chimpanzees please visit the JGI website.


Susan Young







Susan Young
Conservation Project Manager


*For everyone who sees Disneynature CHIMPANZEE during opening week (April 20-April 26, 2012), Disneynature will contribute $.20 per ticket to the Jane Goodall Institute for the Disneynature Tchimpounga Nature Reserve Project with a minimum of $100,000 pledged to this program.

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