Stories from the Field: Concepta Nasambu

Before starting with Village Enterprise, Concepta Nasambu was dependent on family members and neighbors in her community. She worked casual jobs to make ends meet and could only afford to eat one meal in a day. Her children stayed at home instead of attending the local school due to her lack of income.

While participating in the Village Enterprise training program she learned the importance of business savings. After receiving the start-up grant, Nasambu and her two business partners started a retail business to meet the needs of her rural village in Misemwa, Kenya. Before opening their kiosk, people in Misemwa would walk over a kilometer to find a similar shop. Nasambu and her business partners opened the first shop in Misemwa, much to the delight of their community members.

Some of the challenges Nasambu has experienced is price fluctuations and debtors. Otherwise, their business has attracted many customers. With their profits, Nasambu and her partners have been able to diversify their business and have started poultry keeping.

The most significant change Nasambu has experienced since participating in Village Enterprise is that she is now independent (self-reliant). She can educate her children as well as provide for the basic needs of her family without the support of others.

Nasambu would like to thank Village Enterprise for their concern for people like her, whom the community had sidelined. She appreciates the integrity, respect and love the Village Enterprise community has shown to her.

Village Enterprise business owner, Nasambu, showing a bowl of fruit

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