Stories from the Field: Natole Zahura

We are thrilled to launch our new series, “From the Field”, which focuses on stories of our business owners, collected and written by our Business Mentors in Kenya and Uganda. Our first story was captured by Business Mentor Ibrahim Bintu.


“I have always been a farmer,” said business owner Natole Zahura during a meeting with his Business Mentor Ibrahim Bintu. “But I didn’t have the kind of business experience like I have now acquired since joining Village Enterprise.”

Zahura and his two business partners decided to launch a bean growing business because of their previous experience with the crop. From day one, Natole understood the importance of saving and today his business grVillage Enterprise business owner, Natole Zahuraoup has accumulated profits amounting to 160,000 UGX ($47.48 USD). With the profits, they have been able to purchase 50 iron sheets which they will use to construct the roofs on their homes.

Zahura attributes his success to the Village Enterprise training program. He affirmed, “The knowledge I have acquired since I joined Village Enterprise has enabled me to keep my records very well, to budget for my family expenses, and to come up with innovations for my business.”

Yet, Zahura highlighted that the benefits also extend to his entire village of Karama, Uganda. He explained, “Property ownership has increased and the standard of living has also changed because those in the VE program can now afford the basic necessities of life.”

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